No motive or purpose.  I had no idea what will unfold.  Can you see what I’m saying?  Talking about perceptions and perception itself.  Growing my brain by allowing the light of the Universe to touch my being and change my seeing.  Not worrying about right or wrong but rather seeing something new.  This is about learning and loving and the love of learning and how we can only learn when there is love in our hearts.  I ask questions to myself like “What would a manic do?”  This is my journey into manic lifestyle design.  Maniacs are part of the cognitive dissonance of society.  What is my why for having this dialogue with myself?  Perhaps to show my friends the benefits of crazy and that we aren’t that crazy.  I am profoundly crazy and pro fun and play.  It’s consciousness.  Who else sees in these ways, who else sees rays of light that raise consciousness and create sounds of the immensity translated through our human voices.  Re-languaging.  Reframing.  Re-visioning.  Re-gaming.  Other ways to look at it and think about it.  Options.  I see altered states as neuro-emergence, a  neurotribe.  Consciousness is mutating the brain, no need for personal growth.  Consciousness unfolds through neuro-emergence.  Inviting dialogue.  This is not thought provoking but provoking neuro-emergence, insight and seeing.  Can we speak the language of insight, instead of the language of “me”?  Giving voice to something else.  Giving our voice over to Gaia instead the constant ego voiceover.  Changing the game by changing the way we see and see ourselves.  Extraordinize living.  Creating new neural realities.  The importance of giving voice to and witnessing.  Witnessing what is unfolding in consciousness.  This is retrospection.  Fly whisperering.  Give unconditionally loving gestures.  Mental health mastery.  Let’s recover from being labelled and get our 25 years back.  My so called mental illness.  Approaching escape velocity.  Dreamscapes.  I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about and I don’t remember anything I say.  Let’s have a new conversation and talk about this differently, infinitely.  What would a manic do?  This is for the misunderstood and misinterpreted as mentally ill.  Maybe logic.  New memes of madness.  Stop thinking when you look and see.

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