Holy injectable B12 Batman!!

Published on October 13, 2014 under Mental Wellbeing

Ok, so I did it.  I’m alone on Thanksgiving and I did it.  I had no turkey to skewer so I skewered myself.  Well I wouldn’t skewer a turkey anyway because I am a plant lover…but guess what??!  I injected vitamin B12 into my leg and It didn’t hurt!!  Just like the video said, it didn’t hurt (see below).

I’ve had this whole inject myself with B12 thing in my head for a while.  Come to think of it, it’s also on several of my to-do lists, and my to-do lists about to-do lists, in my iPhone notepad and now it’s done!!  Well actually I transferred it to my iPhone calendar, every Sunday for the next couple months I shall perform this ritual and be enriched with vitamin B12.  Why?

I’ve done all the yellow and pink sublinguals, the sprays, the patches and I decided today that it was time for me to stop pussy-footing around (who says that anymore right?), march right over to the drug store (actually I drove), and demand the supplies (in reality I had a pleasant exchange with the pharmacist who assisted me in purchasing all necessary supplies).

For just under $30 I bought cyanocobalamin, 20 syringes, and alcohol wipes.  I followed the procedure in the video and I am proud to say I can add injecting B12 into my quadricep to my resume.

This is not medical advise.  I am not a doctor.  But I sure did feel like one today.  Just kidding!!!!!

What does this have to do with the bipolar disorder diagnosis I sewed onto my brownie sash three and a half years ago?

Well, recently I read a snippet in a book on bipolar disorder that mentioned that a Dr. Bradford S. Weeks would teach his patients to self administer vitamin B12 to reduce the cost of their care and to lessen their dependancy on him.  I took it as a sign from the Universe to put it at the top of my lists.  Now I don’t have to rely on my doctor for this, driving through traffic, waiting in his office for a long long time.  I feel mighty and powerful indeed.  Dr. Weeks says B12 has a calming affect.  The video mentions that a blood test here showing normal levels of B12 would come back as still very deficient in Japan.  Yes that sentence is hard to follow.

In conclusion, I can’t wait to experience my being, being plentiful in B12 baby!!!

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