Brain Care 101

Published on November 11, 2014 under Mental Wellbeing

1.  I must take a vow to care about my brain.  I must be infinitely more times interested in the intricate workings of my own brain than the latest and greatest iPhone.  Logical.

2.  My brain is the most complex structure in the Universe.  Therefore it is a big responsibly and honour to take care of this hunk of goo that sits behind my eyes, invisible to me, and that runs my organism without me having to think about it.  Marvellous.

3.  If I don’t care for my brain, who will?  Since having the experience of completely losing touch with reality resulting in hospitalization and medication, I know I have to take extra care of this silly brain of mine.  Otherwise, there is a lineup of well intentioned people educated in the psychopharmacological approach to reengineering my runaway brain.

4.  If I love my brain, my brain will love me back.  If I give I give my brain crap, I can expect the output to be pure crap.  If I give my brain the nutrients it needs, it will give me clear thoughts, feelings and actions.

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