Funny Cat Video’s for Mitigating the Depressive Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Published on November 11, 2014 under happiness

What I’m about to share is not scientific but experiential.  It is so simple yet profound.  I used this strategy numerous times in the early days after being given a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder 1 with Psychotic Features.  And yes, that strategy is none other than the one and only Funny Cat Videos.  Clearly, this is not medical advice, though I’ve experienced that laughter is the best medicine.  For it I laugh, it will be healed.  Or put another way, I will it to be healed.  However it’s said, laughter has a power beyond words.

There is no shortage of funny cat videos on youtube.  There are compilations of different length, quality, and collections of various genre’s of cat behaviours.  There are cats fetching balls, climbing walls, making faces, hiding in places, funny expressions, strange obsessions with bugs, laser lights, and picking fights with cats, dogs and snakes, swimming in lakes, attacking and bathing.  I found them to be quite life saving, at least in that moment.

Laughter heals.  I sometimes say to people that I laughed my way out of feelings of depression.  These crazy little creatures definitely get my belly giggling in a way that cannot be faked.  The vibration resonates with my cells in such a way as to say that everything is going to be okay.

I watched them on my iPhone, my laptop, on my parents iTV and eventually on my own TV.  I shared them with friends.

To me, cats are funny just being cats.  It’s hard to imagine a cat being something other than a cat.  Yet they all have their own personality.  There is no way to get a particular cat to be anything other than it’s own unique way of expressing “cat-ness”.  I used this as a metaphor for the early part of my recovery and found it healing to laugh at my own antics as I was just being me, a human being, with my own particular way of expressing humanness in each succeeding moment.

Here is the 10 hour compilation of funny cats I have playing on my TV right now.  It is a loop so the same videos will eventually repeat.  I find it helpful to have them on keeping my company.  As I go about being me in my place, they sometimes catch my eye, and I pause in the moment to watch their paws dance in the reflection of my glance.  Happy watching.  Happy laughing.

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