My Top Five Mind Altering Mentors

Published on November 29, 2014 under personal growth

Warning, warning! Your melon will never be the same again so enjoy and go nuts at your own risk!

Here goes nut’in…
I’m just nutting around here. I think I just created a new context for ‘nutting’, or maybe I just think I did. Either way, yay!!

5.  Robert Anton Wilson. Check out the documentary about his life and ideas. This was a big brain opener for me. It’s called “Maybe Logic”.


4. Eckarht Tolle. My man!! I love this guy. I love how he lets out little burps of excitement as he gives his talks. Oh to be so blissfully unaware. Eckhart Tolle saved my life. Years ago I had chronic fatigue syndrome and a random person told me to read “The Power of Now”. I had heard of it before in the previous year so I took it as a sign that I should read it. I went to the book store that night to buy it and I read it through in 2 nights. I hated reading in University so much that I stopped buying the textbooks. Since then, I’ve read many related books and they’ve shown me the practice of being present moment to moment. Having that foundation was immensely helpful to fall back on after being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I’ve read “The Power of Now” at least 5 times and each time my brain grasps something different. It’s never the same book twice. If you haven’t read it yet, do.

3. Krishnamurti untangled and reorganized my neural networks in subtle ways until the cumulative effects lead me to the doors of enlightenment. I had to go nuts to bring me back to this reality but it was a fun trip for my melon while it lasted. Tons of his writings and talks are archived at
His book “Total Freedom” is a total melon melter!

2. Alan Watts. I can’t get enough of this guy. Alan Watts tickles and delights my brain with his enlightened intelligence. I could listen to his audio program “Do You Do It, Or Does It Do You” all day long. It is my all time favorite by him. Listen and watch your brain meld with the infinity of existence.

1. Steve Pavlina. This guy definitely rocks my brain. I went to his Conscious Life Workshop in Las Vegas in August. He rocked my brain. Steve has tons of practical and inspirational ideas about how to create the lifestyle of your dreams, and my dreams. I am taking steps in that direction and it feels…stupendous! I made lots of notes so stay tuned. One of my favorite blog article he wrote is on Subjective Reality.

Subjective Reality Q&A

Remember to love your brain like your life depends on it!! ‘Cause it does!!

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    […] I take great joy in treating my body with great care.  Perhaps some of this might inspire you to do the same.  If I don’t take care of my body, where am I going to live?  If I treat my own body with great care, does that care extend to how I relate with and treat the world?  Or as Krishnamurti says, “I am the world and the world is me”.  In all my actions, whether toward myself, another person, an object, or the world, they are all toward me.  Krishnamurti goes one step further to say “there is no me” and so “there is no you”.  I read that in his book called Total Freedom.  It starts on page 236 and the discussion is called “What is the relationship between Krishnamurti’s teachings and truth”.  I admit that it was somewhat difficult to follow.  My experience with Krishnamurti is that through the process of exploring, my brain unfolds in an effortless way.  This is the book.  I highly recommend it as Krishnamurti is one of my top 5 mind altering mentors! […]

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