Random Questions, Thoughts and Insights 23/12/14

Published on December 23, 2014 under personal growth

Writing as a presentation of context for which you can form your own particular logic or thoughts.  Superimpose on this.  Integrate this.  I really can only write for myself in an effortless way.  If I want to be effortless I must start with effortless, from effortless now.  It is rediculous to think that I could employ effort to eventually acheive effortless in some fixtitious future.  Look within for that which is efforless for the efortlesnes is you and all effort is to be something other than you.  The effort is the non you.  Just like Krishnamurti says, freedom can only happen now.

A journey towards what’s important.  Am I moving towards what’s important or am I acting with self-importance?  My dad had a mild stroke.  I’m on my way to see him.  This is important to me.  What I do with this situation and whether it’s important to the situation is something I don’t know.  I can only be of service in the effortless way that I am.  What’s important is being me in the service of others.  What’s important is the possibilities I inject into the situation by being what I am.  How do I contribute to the ‘we’ that forms when more than one human being interacts? How can I be the best me in the ‘we’ in any given situation?

By asking these questions, do I unfold those areas of my brain and become able to perceive the answers when the time arises?  What am I?  What do I move towards naturally?  How can I move towards celebration of this life in absolute freedom?

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