Celebrating Being Alive January 1st, 2015

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Boom!!  It’s 2015.  It crept up on me much like I watched the sun creep over the mountain this morning.  If you want to see the first rays of this year from my vantage point, have a look at the video I captured.  I did some sungazing and allowed the first photons of 2015 to tickle my retinae.  Apparently there are some benefits of sungazing.  I don’t know exactly what they are but it’s something to do with circadian rhythms.  I decided on a resolution at that point.  I want to sungaze as many clear mornings as I can.

Before I watched the sunrise, I headed out to get money for rent.  I blasted Morgan Page (Feat. Lisa) – The Longest Road in my old 1992 Toyota Corolla and it gave me energy.  I am so grateful for this car.  Lately I have been making it a practice to crank up the tunes and sing like I actually know how to sing.  Maybe one day my desire to be able to sing with match up with actual reality.  Perhaps creating that vibration within myself without judgement will increase the capacity of my being for vibrance.  The world is vibration.  Perhaps the Universe celebrates when I create more of the stuff the Universe is made of for no reason, just for the joy of it.

I got home and I made a delicious smoothie that I think of as a coconut nog smoothie.  It’s just coconut meat, dates, cinnamon and nutmeg.  It’s all raw, all vegan, and super delicious.

Coconut Nog Smoothie

Then I bounced on my Needak trampoline for nearly 20 minutes.  This is the one I have.

I injected myself with B12.  I am doing this about once per month.  See my post on injecting vitamin B12 for more on this.

I then took a nice long bath in living water.  See  The water revitalizer makes the water structured so that it is living so it’s better able to hydrate the skin and hair.  It also absorbs right through the stomach wall in 2 minutes versus sloshing around in there for half an hour.

I take great joy in treating my body with great care.  Perhaps some of this might inspire you to do the same.  If I don’t take care of my body, where am I going to live?  If I treat my own body with great care, does that care extend to how I relate with and treat the world?  Or as Krishnamurti says, “I am the world and the world is me”.  In all my actions, whether toward myself, another person, an object, or the world, they are all toward me.  Krishnamurti goes one step further to say “there is no me” and so “there is no you”.  I read that in his book called Total Freedom.  It starts on page 236 and the discussion is called “What is the relationship between Krishnamurti’s teachings and truth”.  I admit that it was somewhat difficult to follow.  My experience with Krishnamurti is that through the process of exploring, my brain unfolds in an effortless way.  This is the book.  I highly recommend it as Krishnamurti is one of my top 5 mind altering mentors!

These are some of the ways I celebrated existing today.  I played with myself in wellness.  I exercised my mind, body and spirit.

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