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These random insights are in no particular logical order.  There is a process of figuring out how to logically order thoughts that come from a silent place without cause.  The logic interrupts the flow.  Maybe logic can be constructed subconsciously and play out in the manifestations of everyday life as opposed to the opposite, which seems to be the current case.

Currently, the logical mind repeats circular patterns of thoughts that have little variation to either end of the spectrum of duality, aside from a few minor percentage points, and that’s what is crystallized in the neural networks of the brain and informs reality of the substantiality of the thought loop, which then manifests for perception to apprehend and live out.

That seems logical.  No wonder reality is so logical.  I’d like to lean towards the interpretation of the magic of reality.  Perhaps by recording insights that pop into the light of this awareness, in no particular logical order, the neural networks can reorder and organize them in accordance with it’s ‘imaginative fancy’ (thank you Dr. David Bohm) to project something closer to what this entity might want to experience in it’s wildest dreams.

I still have no idea about what this entity is in it’s purest form but to me it seems like holographic point at which the waves of the brain, beats of the heart, and tides of the breath coalesce to produce the interference pattern that is this centre of gravity.  Gravity holds these three points in accord.  Gravity is the funnel which spins these interference patterns into ever moving and increasingly complex manifestations presented to consciousness. Gravity is the current that keeps the current of time flowing through the present moment.

It does matter to me what I think I am.  Perhaps because what I think, I am.  I am what I think I am.  I sometimes tell people that I’ve “practiced the power of now” enough to detangle the neural networks that produce the habitual reflexive and psychologically self reflect thoughts about myself.  So if I think nothing about myself, is there less of a self?  If I think I am nothing, might I access to experience this Self as everything?  The quote “empty yourself and let the Universe fill you” comes to mind.

Of course I could be deluding myself as there seem to be increasingly more subtle aspect of realization about this Self in an unending stream of insights unfolding in consciousness, to consciousness, for consciousness to flower in awareness of itself.

In imagining this entity as a Self with a capitol ‘S’, it starts to include ‘others’ in the perception of itself.  Today there was a realization that what is common is ‘the more’ of a person, the ‘transcendental’ of the other.  It’s shared on a common plane call human experience that is in some sense the peak of consciousness experiencing itself.  Humans can perceive the material manifestations of the world and project the energy of love, joy, hate, fear etc. as a result of what they interpret.  We experience ourselves as material and look for something that defines what we are.

Subatomic particles are mostly empty space.  We are made up of this empty space into something apprehended as solid.   Experiences are translated into feelings then acted on, which are more like reactions.  The same old feelings inside result in the same old reactions.  Feelings are experienced inside as biochemical and at the same time yet also experienced as existing all around like an envelop.  If we could put our conscious perspective down to the level of observing the action of a neuropeptide in our body, would we be able to see that it is us that is doing it and not what is perceived to be happening outside of us?

What if next time I feel a strong reaction, I imagine that my little neuropeptides are jumping on emotion receptors as clear as I experience myself as I bounce gleefully on my rebounder mini trampoline?  Sometimes when I bounce, I do it for the exercise, I do it to get my lymphatic system going.  Here I am putting my awareness on the fact that part of my makeup is this lymphatic system that has no pump to distribute it like the circulatory system does.  So, I acknowledge this fluid and it’s system of tubes, and I bounce up and down and with the constant and inescapable help of gravity (my new best friend), the fluid flows.  Substances of reality that make up the nutrients and wastes that nourish this bioorganismed (my new word) entity are moved so they can go where they need to go and get the hell out of where they no longer want to be.  Maybe this this entity jumps on an existential holographic trampoline and moves ‘me’ through time in this this 3D reality.  Meh.

With this awareness that I am moving my lymph fluids, knowing that it is good for me, can I be aware that I am the mover of these neuropeptides?  Right now the neuropeptides and emotions seem to move themselves and move the overall pattern which is me in 3D reality to actions that are in a perpetual cycle that is likely more like a mobius strip than a circle.  What a clever trick, or game.

So how about this.  How about I move the fluid energy consciousness between self and other such that it greats a flow of the energy of love such that my neuropeptide are moved in ways that connect with the emotion receptors of this boorganism that start to show the evidence that all is the flow of this love stuff and not the myopic interpretations that are the result of chemically coalesced addictive thought patterns imprinted in early childhood.

What was the experience of this entity before the experience of fear?  Was it not that something that might be expressed in words as magic?  As wonder?  Wasn’t life seen as an exciting surprise?  As soon as the word magic was known, the experience of magic was no longer known.  As magic is in the unknown, and unknown to the knower that knows words.  The knower cannot know magic as living is in the realm of the known and how can anything known be exciting or even surprising?  It’s no wonder there is no wonder as when there is one, there is no wonder, and when there is no one, there is wonder.  There is no one when one stretches back to the limits of when there was no one.  No one to name but only wonder.

Life is that wonder that one could not wonder about if there was no one to wonder.  But since there is one, there is something to wonder about.  There are many objects.  The beyond is the wonder.  Am I wondering about the beyond of me?  The beyond of me includes you.  The beyond is the dimension where you and I meet, where we become one energetically.  This energy flows and moves us as if we were the neuropeptides.  This energy of love moves us in the river of living.  We bounce around until we find our receptor and create a big bang of ecstasy that sets a cascade of events off that are beyond our control as they are in the realm of the beyond as it all is anyways and always, we just have no way of perceiving it that way.

This is getting super mobius on me.  One of my favourite thoughts is “I don’t know”.  I realized this is completely the same as wonder.  It’s like I’m saying “I choose to wonder” as opposed to “I know”.  “I choose to wonder” presents the possibility that I might see something else.  I can see the freedom in that.  I can see the freedom in “I don’t know” but show me.  Show me something different.  Show me the magic.

Does “I don’t know” free the mind?  Does it allow the neural networks in the mind, the habitual thought patterns, to detangle ever so slightly?  There is a gap in thought.  There is a gap before the neuropeptides hit the receptors.  Can I exist in that gap?

I don’t know if the “I” as the small self, as it’s called, can exist in that gap.  The possibility exists in the gap.  The possibility that things are different than the perpetual appearance that has acclimated this entity to this version of reality.  What else is possible?  I don’t know and I definitely wonder.

I don’t know if you thought this was wonderful but if it excited so wonder that is in you and beyond you and more you than you than do you mind donating to the no mind experience of wonder and I don’t know.

Have a wonderfully magical day!!!

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