Words that resonate and the songs that relate

Published on February 7, 2015 under Inspiration

There are some words that resonate with me.  I love words.  I collect words.  I read.  I write.  I think.  I have insight.  I think I have insight.  Words are like magic.  They can be uplifting, down putting, and even maddening.

I have collected some words that I strive to make a part of my being.  Maybe one day, when I truly integrate these words as me, I will be able to detach from them and just be.  For now, I find them helpful.  These words mean something to me and maybe they will put a little spark in you too.

Freedom and Celebration.  The song “Everybody’s Free” makes me feel good.

Joy.  I can feel the energy rising through me when I listen to “Joyful Joyful” from Sister Act 2.

Vision, Journey, and Play.  “Ecouter” by Carmen Rizzo featuring Jem (Morgan Page Remix) has great lyrics.

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