A David Wolfe inspired Ghandi quote adaptation (relanguaged)

Published on February 9, 2015 under happiness

I saw David Wolfe speak in August of 2014 and he signed his book “Longevity Now”. He wrote “Rawk the World”. I decided to change it a little and add some Ghandi and came up with “R-AWE-K the Change I will to See in the Whirled”.

So the R-AWE-K is for beyond RAWK referring not just to raw foods but to AWE as in to be in AWE.

Watch this to see what I mean.

From the original Ghandi quote that says “be the change you wish to see in the world” I changed “you” to “I” to make it more personal such that I take the responsibility upon myself. If I read “you” it might tell my subconsciousness that it’s up to someone else.
I replaced “wish” with “will” as I WILL WILL to see in the Whirled. I won’t just wish it to happen but will it to happen by being me. I realized that I could more accurately say “R-AWE-K the Change I will to Be in the World” to make it even more up to me.
I love how David calls the world WHIRLED. I could go AWE-N and AWE-N about this further forever in whirls and circles and I WILL another time. Give what you WILL as we are one.




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