Good morning sunshine

Published on March 2, 2015 under bipolar disorder

I write this from in the psych ward. I’ve been here probably a week but I’m not exactly sure. 

The sun is so healing. I love to be outside in the morning. I love to touch my bare feet to the earth. It’s called earthing. I love absorbing electrons through the soles of my feet. They act as antioxidants in my body. They tell the earth that I’m here and that it may sustain me in knowing that I’m here. Maybe this makes more plants grow. Maybe plants grow when their observed and the beauty is felt within the human being and radiated outwards. Who knows. All I can feel is that this is a beautiful world here to be appreciated and celebrated. We are all part of the world and the world is a part of us. Let’s not forget the earth. Let’s not forget each other. Let’s support each other. Small acts of kindness go a long way. They generate that loving feeling within the self and the heart then with each beat radiates that ripple outwards to infinity and it produces an effect that we do not yet fully understand with the mind but can feel with and in our hearts. Our perception connects to our heart and crates that energy. Where is your precious attention? It’s the most precious asset you have. Are you giving it away? Or are you looking with awareness. Look for beauty. Smile. Say hello. Connect with the eyes. Remove your sunglasses and squint a little. Victoria Boutenkontalks about this in her amazing DVD presentation ’12 Steps to Raw Food’. She is a genius. Your can get it on her website 

More later. Presence now. It’s all a gift. Be the gift. Share your gifts. Share the light in your eyes with the eyes of others.

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