Today’s walk…healing via sunrays, earthing, and percieving nature. 

Published on March 7, 2015 under bipolar disorder

Today I went for a creatively maladjusted walk armed with sidewalk chalk and a disarming smile. Is it something so alarming to have the whirled as ones canvas and canvas for increased perception of the awe of nature all around us, in us and through us. Not apart from us from that from which we cannot depart as we are a part of the whole and the whole is reflected, projected and unfolded through us. Will it still exist if we stop looking and feeling that sense of wonder of the gift of being here now. Connect, smile, laugh, take off sunglasses and gaze into the pupils of another and feel that same beauty you might create within by looking at your favorite flower. I just spent almost 2 weeks in the psych ward. I feel so blessed to be connected to the gift of the present moment.

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