Flowers have the power to temporarily suspend bipolar depression

Published on April 11, 2015 under bipolar disorder

The other day, when it was not raining like it is at the moment, I took a moment to clip the macro lens onto my pink iPhone 5C and take pictures of a few purple flower middle parts.  Perhaps they are the stamens.  I forget Biology 11 or 12 and remembering the parts of flowers.  I’m not sure the type of flower either as I have never bothered to remember the names of flowers beyond the inescapable knowledge of a rose as a rose.

I noticed that each flower is so unique in it’s cute little pattern of protrusions.  Each has its own characteristic fuzziness.  Even the little middle ball with stubs on it is different from one to the next.

Then I realized, with each picture I took, I forgot myself and my own petty little depression.  Why is it that what goes up must come down?  Why does bipolar disorder go up and then down.  Is it like gravity?  Is my mood like a ball that is being tossed up only to come crashing back down?  Well, perhaps “crashing” is a little dramatic.

Thank goodness there are flowers just waiting for bees and iPhone macro lenses to come around and look at them.  I love to take me a good picture to snap me out of a blah mood.  Ooooh, snaps for snapping out of it.  I hope you enjoy these snaps for snapping out of it.  I have hope that, one day, in the not too distant future, this depression will be a distant memory.  Or that’s not entirely true.  Somehow I am able to operate through this depression and to be functional despite it feels somewhat empowering.

I’m not sure but I think I feel a little spark under my butt that is making me now want to accept the conditions that have me tied in knots.  Maybe there is a benefit in depression.  In the last 4 years, I created a nice life.  And here I am in the same nice life conditions and something is missing.  I’m on a mission to find out what it is that is missing for me not to be blissing.

I will find out!!  Or maybe I need to find in.  I read that somewhere I think.

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