Musings, questions and suggestions for neuronal ingestion of said psychosis indigestion

Published on June 3, 2015 under bipolar disorder

I am not a thing but a process in the process of processing my process.

Something untold is telling me that psychosis is my soul welling up in me that starts yelling at me in images and words unseen and unheard by the heard of humanity that labels this experience insanity.

Is psychosis, mania, madness, depressive sadness, transliminal and transpersonal and holotroptic states all open gates to dimensions not mentioned or conditioned when growing up in linear, material, mechanical models and can this convention undergo circumvention.

Some prehension’s about that mysterious dimension or dimensions are mentioned as musings with the intention for inclusion of thoughts to provoke openness and wonder.  I ask myself…

Could psychosis be an evolutionary rebellion against programmed roboticism?

Could the belief systems being created during mania, psychosis, madness, holotropic states, spiritual emergency, non ordinary states of consciousness be an attempt of the Universe to rewrite human DNA, epigenetics style?  (“genes are rewritten by our belief systems” – Bruce Lipton)

Could psychosis etc be an attempt by the Universe for humanity to see a different or higher natural order to live in harmony with?

Nassim Haramein says “equilibrium is balance thus is imperceptible” when talking about how “empty space” has structure.  Is madness etc the souls attempt to make the ego imperceptible such that we exist as a soul in equilibrium?

What is the extra information that arrises to awareness and perception in holotropic states etc trying to show me?

The physicist John Wheeler said “nothing exists until it is observed”.  Are non ordinary states of consciousness etc trying to have me observe some phenomenon or ‘thing’ such that is can be brought into or manifest in existence?

Einstein said that “problems cannot be resolved by the same level of thinking that created them”.  For one, psychosis is pathologies by the current level of thinking thus being created as a disease and the same level of thinking creates the ‘solution’ that only suppresses the problems.  For two, there seems to be a different level or process of thinking that takes over in the state of spiritual emergency.  Might it be possible this other level of thinking is manifesting as a new way of seeing old problems we are trying to solve if only it were to be supported by a completely different structure?  Does this new level of thinking need to create the structure such that it will be permitted to think?

Supposing that as enough for now.


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