Inclusion…an amusing musing

Published on July 30, 2015 under bipolar disorder

Yay for inclusion. Inclusion to me is surrendering to the fact that we are all one, we are all included. Disclusion is illusion. In my psychosis/mania/madness/awakening/time travel/enlightenment etc I at one time felt the oneness as a living truth. When I tumbled away from that reality, I had to ‘die many deaths’ of this ego in order to come back as me as others know me. My journey now feels like walking towards the vision I ‘casted’ or ‘created’ or saw as reality with everyone else as that ecstasy is not just for me. The moment I thought it was just for me as something personal and thought I might be something special, I fumbled back to the ‘separate’ version of me. We are all included, we just don’t know it or feel it or perceive it. We can make it visible as on some level we have seen something more that is there/here/now/everywhere/everywhen. Lets walk it out together!! 

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