Nature deficit disorder…getting my fill of my favorite non pill medicine

Published on November 15, 2015 under Beauty

Lately I’ve been making a conscious effort to get my butt out into nature.  Whenever I start losing touch with reality I seem to have a sense that I need more time in nature to possibly prevent it from happening.  Now that I’m more immersed in my passion for mental health for everyone, I need to spend more time participating in things that have nothing to do with thoughts or thinking about thoughts that may or may not drive me crazy.  I want to charge up my ‘nature battery’ to subdue the battery of emotions that are no doubt being rusttled up mostly unbenounced to me, thanks to the medication.  But medication can’t do it all.  It sure seems to help at this point in space-time and I hope to oneday-here be free from all biochemicals that lead me to ignore parts of me.  May those parts of me one day be free.  I feel free in nature. 


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