Bipolar disorder as a reality distortion field

Published on December 6, 2015 under bipolar disorder

I watch a video by Jason Silva called “what makes a good leader” and he mentioned the concept of a “reality distortion field”.  It got me thinking.  Am I a reality distortion field distorting reality in proportion of my power to distort?  Not in terms of “power over” but in terms of “power with” by moving with the flow of reality?  What if I was to go with the flow in a way that I disappear into the flow?  Is this somewhat like psychosis?  Having access to information that is underneath the surface of appearances?  It seems I somewhat mistakenly take this to be me.  But perhaps it’s context.  It’s all about context.  How do we create a new context, a new paradigm of flowing together, learning together.  Learning is a good excuse for togetherness, to come together in a group and learn.  Can we learn together instead of just learning our way into further and further division?  Learning in order to accumulate title and position to then put labels on others.  Are not labels the most damaging thing?  Then all we can see is the word and our programmed associations that go along with it.  I was at a meeting today with a group of 20 peers under a supposed common vision.  There was more bickering and nit picking over procedures and process and less focus on the commonality of the vision of which I’m still unclear.  There was more concern about what was written on the agenda, the exact wording, the order of items to be addressed.  20 people multiplied by 3 hours is 60 hours.  Those hours were wasted with technicalities.  With linear logic of the mind.  Is this not the same method of thinking that delineated diagnoses in the first place?  Putting things in order with the order of thought that created all this chaos in the first place?  That can’t be the answer.  I don’t know what is.  But then at least this mind is open to seeing something new.  We must create something new.  We must re-new this world moment to moment.  The old must die.  Let’s think together on this.  Let’s forget thinking that divides.  There is no “us” versus “them”.  We are all in this together as human beings.  Let’s bring our gifts forward and share openly such that we all flourish.  My heart holds space for these dialogues.  Please sign up for the mailing list to join in the conversation.  I don’t know how to create this but I see that the togetherness and connection is key.  In togetherness may we unfold reality in new ways.  As our hearts beat, the ripples of energy connect and unite us all.  Holographic Hugs, from where you and I meet as a distance, in resonance.  In the state of wonder, I wonder who will hear, I wonder who will see.

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