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Published on January 20, 2016 under Beauty

I wonder why I notice what I notice. What do I take note of and make note of?  I noticed this morning how my eyes noticed a notice of advertising pastedon the titles of the train station as I was walking by. Why am I trained to notice words, which are not actualities, but which point to actualities.  This advertisement was that there was a new condo building just 500 steps away.  The words were not the condo building thought they most enthusiatically hoped that I would follow its directions to the condo. It was a pointer to something I might want, to something I might be looking for.  

I am not looking for a condo, yet I read it. Words are sneaky in that you have to read them to know what picture they are trying to paint to entice you.  The actual facts of the things are just them inthemselves and can be recognized in instantaneous perception, beyond and without words if ones mind is clear enough.  Otherwise we are likely to paste our own words, description and interpretation over the fact of the object.  In this way, we create our own personal advertising overlaying everything we see.  We think we are seeing things as they are but we are only seeing our own advertising about that thing which becomes merely words, an exlpaination.  

We live in explaination and not things as they are.  We end up advertising to ourselves the state of our consciousness, the ugly truth of our own programmed subjectivity.  This personal advertising to oneself about how reality is, is false.  Don’t believe your own advertising as you got it from somewhere else and now believe that’s how it is.  You may never know exactly where you got this false advertising from, but you can watch it and detangle the neural networks that hold them solid like old scar tissue.  These thoughts scar your brain so good thing the brain is neuroplastic, alive, with the the innate quality of healing that is immbued in life.  

If you want to see anew, look at the trees and see what they have to say, and hear what they have to show with each dew drop and quiver in the wind.  Talk to trees and to nature.  Let them install new advertising that as you look at their beauty, you are that beauty instead of a bunch of words.  

I read an article by David Suzuki that talked about how adding 10 trees to a city block makes people feel 7 years younger and like they earn $10,000 more a year.  That could explain why I love trees so much and how I loathe the roar of a chainsaw. There was also a hashtag that I saw recently that said #iamnature and I feel this is literally true.  I’ve felt that in mania and psychosis, my great teachers.  Could they be my guru?  

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