Mind bending video by Peter Russell that resonates with my bipolar enlightenment

Published on January 21, 2016 under bipolar disorder

I love this video presentation by Peter Russell.  He talks about the “Primacy of Consciousness” or how consciousness is the most fundamental in the Universe.  Learning about consciousness turns my crank.  The second video is the full presentation but I’ve started it near the end where here talks about how the speed of light is the rate of unfolding of space time, or something to that effect.  To me, this helps explain some of my extraordinary experiences that have been attributed to so-called bipolar disorder in that they are totally possible in consciousness and how things appear in the external world are not all that is.  I feel it’s a different order of perceiving and experiencing that seems disordered to the person tuned into consensus reality.  Where do these two worlds meet?  To me, it’s what appears.  Hmmm, perhaps we can make some of our lovely experience manifest for all to see.  To me this could change the world.  For a whole book on the topic of mental illness changing the world see, “The Spiritual Gift of Madness”.


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