The sanity of nature calms this bipolar brain

Published on January 24, 2016 under Beauty

One of the things I pay attention with my bipolar disorder diagnosis lately is balancing time thinking with time in nature.  One of my ‘early warning signs’ is hyper-insightfulness, too many ideas, writing a ton and feeling like I’m figuring things out. I really enjoy the feeling of this state but it’s all words.  It’s all thought.  Thoughts are tied to emotions so if I think too much I could associate a traumatic emotion with one of thile lines of inquiry spinning in my head.  This could cause me to spiral out of control and thinking about the connectedness of human being to prophesying my impending death.

I fond that spending time in nature and consciously turning my perception to outer sensation of sight, smell, touch and sound (yesterday the crows sounded like the were having a tree party).  This helps me to get out of my head and back into my body.  I feel grounded and anchored in consensus reality to once again welcome my inner journey.  I start from the shore again, instead of just treading water before heading even further away from where my body resides.  In this way I can start a new line of inquiry fresh, before there is too much information causing me to get confused.  I once again begin from ‘I don’t know.’

Here are some of the beautiful bits that I captured out of all the infinite bits around me.  There is a equal amountto explore within as without.  I like that my bipolar brain can spot the tinniest, cutest mushroom, a resting lady bug, and a woodbug resting on a tree covered with green moss. The tree lit up in the sun.  I look for beauty where I can.  I like training my brain to see natures beauty instead of some of the ugliness in the world.   

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