Robert Anton Wilson on Mental Illness and on ‘Maybe Logic’

Published on January 25, 2016 under consciousness

Robert Anton Wilson is one of my favorite thinkers.  Here is a quote from one of his books that resonates with my experienceof  bipolar disorder.  I’ve already been locked up in a nut house but perhaps one day all of this will be seen differntly. Right now, it just can’t be recognized.  I’m not saying I’m a genius, but perhaps at times I can access it. From my normal range of sight, I’m not sure if it was genius or not as it takes genius to recognize one.  Or perhaps more accurately stated, it takes genius to recognize that we are one.

Quantum Psychology pg. 155:  “The elaboration of such epic realities or reality tunnels can reach extremes of creativity in which a person ‘invents’ a totally new and individualized gloss on the whole of existence.  Such great creators will either win Nobel prizes (for art or science) or will get thrown in ‘mental hospitals’ depending on how much skill they have at selling their new visions to others.  Some will get locked up in nut houses and later become recognized as great scientific pioneers.”

Here is a documentary about Robert Anton Wilsons life.  His thinking has influenced me and I feel I’d like to mindfully incorporate his approach to life in mine as it could help me when I jouney into psychosis.  My psychosis could definitely use a touch of ‘maybe logic.’

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