A bipolar perspectivist poem

Published on February 6, 2016 under bipolar

one day we may all come to see

that the way I treat you, I treat me

it’s disguised from our eyes

and operates energetically

we don’t have senses to sense this

as the thickened ego wall prevents this

when the walls come tumbling down

it all floods into the heart

up through the ground

down through the heads crown

a well spring of emotion set in motion

a felt sense of responsibility

a new devotion

are we going with this together

fish in the same sea

birds of a feather

if I release the tether

will I weather the weather

the tension is palpable

don’t worry I thought it was the most nauseating conversation too

okay she surprised me

is there anger about the lack of care

the lack of recognition of innocence

we all want love

is there a new way to see

why am I angry at malformed and mistreated bodies

the spirit cannot fully abide

the opening of the souls aperture

light pours through in ecstatic rapture

so good yet can’t be captured

humorous however

together we laugh that all we can connect

in this disconnection

misdirection of non direction

pathless path, causeless cause

step rendered useless

use less, give more

sweat drips from my pores

tears pour

energetic open sores

be, love, soar

feed the hungry, love the poor

love flowers evermore

ego, self cowers as programs of power

devour human mental powers

where is original thought and fresh insight

memes are mind viruses

constricting eyes irises

so that our pupils are pinholes so minute

our brains can’t even compute

what if we could see

we’d surely dispute

thinking is preconceived notions

delivered as potions


no discernment required

and preferred passive assimilation

the universal song needs a new chorus

that sings gently of how Earth is here for us

until we can’t breathe because we’ve cut down the forrest

pseudo reality blocks the perception

the trees are one with our lungs

without nature we lose all that which we have clung

how did I get in this situation

how can I get out of it

shit I must go through it

oh just fucking screw it

I won’t do it


my sacred temple packed with poison pills

you really think this will fix my ills

traumatized through the flesh

suppressed so I can function

until the cog breaks at the sacred junction

heart pounds feet off the ground

listen to the inner sound of terror

of screams echoed through the ages

where is that love spoke of by the sages

I’ve felt love before

from the perception of a newly open door

the door closes, I’m locked in

on the inside I grin

for once again there was that vision

of that dream to move towards

start again

to lose my mind

on the journey to the centre of the human heart

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