Amazing talk by Dhyan Vimal – Live Your Life

Published on March 19, 2016 under Beauty

This talk by Dhyan Vimal at Wisdom Stockholm is amazing.  He brings humour to the subject of how we make problems that in turn need solutions.  He shares how by living fully, there is no concept of problems.  There are nuggets in here that help me with my attitude towards Bipolar Disorder.  I refuse to stop living because of it and I laugh as much as I can.  By living as much as I can anyway, my wellness increases, and focusing on the “problem of mental illness” decreases.

A few great quotes from the talk:

“In our celebration, the wellness of all depends” – Dhyan Vimal

“In my joy, I hold the right evolution of humanity” – Dhyan Vimal

“I recognize problems are nothing but the failure of me to live what I’m supposed to live out as me” – Dhyan Vimal

“As I sit with you today, I am extending the invitation…that we live our lives in such deep ecstasy, such centerdness, that that vey living is the solution” – Dhyan Vimal

You may enjoy the free “90 Day Challenge” by Dhyan Vimal to look at oneself through a daily lesson sent to your email inbox.  I have done it twice and it’s a great process of reflection.  Register here:

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  1. Raja Raja

    Masters r great ppl .they work totally n struggle to bring out the bst in us ..v see n feel it when v see our own struggles n resistances within us . Probably the greatest challenge for us…As mdv says be is the greatest act ….the greatest action ever ….lets try it out n see what happens …thank u mdv for the insight ..

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