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Published on May 4, 2016 under bipolar disorder

I like the idea of recruiting brains.  What do I mean by recruiting brains?  I’m not exactly sure.  I feel like my friends who have gone through a “psychotic experience” or extreme state of consciousness have brain cell connections that are more apt to be able to perceive the words typed in these pages.

Reality is not exactly as it seems.  How does it seem to you?  It seems to me to be much of fluid and dynamic than the structure we’ve come to rely on on a daily basis.  Sometimes the ground I walk on is not solid and the path is not clear.  I don’t know what’s outside and what is in here.  Who is in here or is she far not near?

Is realities structure more reliant on the structure the brains perceiving it?  Is psychosis a quantum type of cognitive dissonance that challenges the very structure of the ground we walk on and the time we clock on?  All time is now in the present so we’ve heard.  I’ve seen it for myself it’s true.  This consciousness can ‘travel through time’ and access information near and far, past and future.  So far, most of the information perceived through this enlarged aperture of perspective has been interesting yet impractical.  Some bits wondrous and other bits terrifying.  I want to label the wondrous bits “good” and the terrifying bits “bad”.  Is not this my ego?  By the process of labelling am I not creating that state.  This is a tricky one as it’s difficult to be objective and present when my heart is beating a million beats a minute.

That scary energy, what is it’s function?  Perhaps to bring me back to my body?  My consciousness travels elsewhere and my body is afraid to lose it.  It’s afraid to lose itself, the ego, which helps to direct inner and outer traffic.  That terror asks my mind and body to reconnect, to reintegrate.  Yet when they join, this me that is the ego isn’t the same.  It is less by seeing what it usually is not privy too.  The more.  Seeing the more beyond the ego makes it less.  And through terror, “I” am blessed.

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