Biophilia and bipolar – nature as medicine

Published on May 16, 2016 under Beauty

I recently came across the term “biophilia” which is a hypothesis that states that “there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems”.  Having bipolar disorder means I don’t have to read science to know this hypothesis to be true.  I’ve experienced the sense that WE ARE NATURE.  So to say we have a bond to other living systems is to ignore the fact that we are no separate from other living systems, and other human beings for that matter.  But we conveniently ignore this everyday and that makes the world go round.  However the world is going round, I can still freely experience my inner biophile and merge with nature wherever I find it.  It’s everywhere!!!  The barely perceptible bug that crawls on my books, yet it doesn’t bug me but makes me curious about its own little umwelt.  The ant that crawls through my house and I let it be, otherwise it will lose the scent of it’s trail and die.  The smell of the trees.  The moments when the sounds of the birds singing to each other is present in the absence of traffic noise.  I’ve felt that they don’t bother to sing when it’s too noisy as they know it’s a waste of their energy.  Does traffic noise make birds disappear?  My bipolar brain comes up with infinte hypotheses never to be tested except in the space of my own consciousness.  As we are nature, as we destroy nature, we destroy ourselves.  Infinite problems arise that the ego/intellect is now given task to solve.  This only adds more and more confusion.  Nature asks us to come and look, enjoy, touch, smell.  It’s there naturally without any force or contrived systems.  It will be there long after us and we will dissolve back into her.  It doesn’t matter if we destroy nature as we destroy her we destroy each other.  I once had the sense that we kill each other with our thoughts, words and actions.  At that moment it was so blatently obvious.  I’m glad since that moment, there is no felt sense of that reality moment to moment, but that it’s just words.  As I fill my battery that is deprived of nature by the attack of all the noise of human kind, my nature deficit disorder is eased.  The electrons of the wonderfully refreshing forms of nature delight my eyes with awe and other senses become in tune with natural rhythms, at least for a short while.  Here are some biophilic moments captured for memory and sharing purposes.  In this was, I can have the flower for later without picking it.  I play footsie with rivers, sand and grass.  Touch roots with those toes that ground this physical structure, homolgous structures, as I absorb electrons from the ground, the roots of trees absorb water and nutrients.  If we aren’t touching the Earth, does she know we are here?  These are the moments I live to share.  Please join me.  Give your energy and attention back to the natural world, and she will bring you wellness.  This is my TV, the nature channel is all around us, in 4D, for reality.  Lets make reality more real than chasing pleasure circuits that only serve to make us out of touch with that which is right there for us to touch.

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