An example of a trauma informed lifestyle daily practice checklist for my PTSD

Published on May 26, 2016 under bipolar

I really don’t want to go back to the hospital so I created a document for myself to remind myself of some of the things I can partake in daily to either keep me calm or are things that I would like to engage in that are not particularly stressful.  My goal is to keep my stress very low.  I am calling it a trauma informed lifestyle practice checklist.  The system is catching on to the fact that some people are traumatized and perhaps it’s helpful to bear in mind.  Until then, I will take responsibility and bear it in mind for myself.  So this is about lifestyle design.

I wrote things in short hand to fit it all in so much of it is kind of cryptic.  The point is that if you find the document helpful you could make your own.

The main goals are “I can be me” and “stay in reality”.  I like the spanish word “quedarse” because it means “to remain oneself” or “to remain myself”.  Quedarse resonates with me as it is difficult to remain me, or perhaps it’s more difficult to remain the version of me that is attached to this particular reality through my connections to others.

The first row of items are things I do in the beginning of the day.  Most of them are body focussed to remind me to be embodied.  Then eventually I have a shower and can venture outside.  It’s important to get outside and feel embodied amongst other creatures.  Grounding, barefoot, biophilia etc.

Then there is stuff on studying the brain.  I am once again interested in rewiring the brain and neuroplasticity.  Exactly how this happens I don’t know.  I guess that by having next to no stress, my brain will wire in such a way that it is not always posturing for the next trigger.  I may try hypnosis to further rewire the brain.

Then I have listed some of the projects I am working on slowly that don’t require stress.  Can I operate in calm?  Will calm help to prevent psychosis?  Only time will tell.  One of my goal is to go to California in the Winter so I must remain calm for this.

I added what I called the “element” beside each row which is the flavor of it.  By reducing stress, I feel my brain will have more energy to expend in creative projects rather than wasting it on worry.  Do you have any projects on the go?


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