Language rewires our brains (Jason Silva)…I wonder how if you re language your lived experiences

Published on May 26, 2016 under bipolar

Jason Silva talks about how language rewires our brains.  Everytime I watch or read something of interest, I tend to relate it to my lived experience with bipolar disorder.  My recent psychosis was full of words and words about words.  My mind was making up stories about the stories it made up.  I was totally lost in a world of words.  Though many of those stories were not about me or related to me, they could very well be true stories.  Yes, people are suffering.  Yes, women are being assaulted.  I was terrorized by these words and there was nothing I could do about them.

“The world is made of words and if you know the words the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish.” – Terrance McKenna

I don’t know what to make of the world of warring words that I’ve experienced.  It felt like the collective unconscious of what women have experienced.  Why do we tolerate this?  Why are these stories true?  Why do we exist in this kind of world.  This is not where I wanted to go with this.

Jason says “the power of language to not just shape and inform the world but transform the world in ways that are unfathomable”.  I feel like we can develop our own lexicon of our individual understanding of what is happening to us when we enter altered states.  For example, I prefer to think of mania as “magic” as this describes the expereince much more vividly.  I’ve never said this to my psychiatrist though.

“Better language can create better realities” says Jason.  Can we create a better language?  Perhaps something playful.  Can we rewire our brains towards some of the traits of “mania” so that it isn’t so unstable and destabilizing?

“Shakespears inventive use of language…”.  Have you invented any language to better point to your experiences?  Can we use language to bring out our best selves without having to go into a manic state?  I imagine in to be a kind of superhero-archetype-avatar resonantial type jargon.  Perhaps slightly trickster.  Can we coin terms for our own experience to find common ground as well as awknowledging uniqueness?  Can this be fluid such that we don’t become too hung up on prior “wonderful” experiences in order to make space for what manifestations of experiences might arise?  I wonder.


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