Rapid resolution therapy … a good video explanation related to PTSD and psychosis

Published on June 2, 2016 under bipolar

I am sharing this video mainly for the description that Kristen Rivas gives at 11:48 seconds.  To me psychosis is like “jumping at the scary part of a movie” when I’m no longer watching the movie.  The trauma is in the past.  Or that I am jumping at the present day and there is nothing to jump about.  I am on hyper alert.  The best part of what she says is at 13:20.  Kristen says “your mind has been confusing the data that we call memory with reality”.  To me this relates to my last post when I talked a bit about the work of Dr. Dan Seigel on implicit memory and how it pops up in the present and muddle things up.  I may try hypnotherapy as I am desperate to stay out of the psych ward.  Last time was my 5th trip to the psych ward and it was the worst!  I nearly got put on a “treatment plan” of 800mg of Seriquil.  I had terrible waking nightmares.  I am traumatized by the experience.  I sense that if I go into psychosis again, my well meaning family will take me back there.  I don’t want to go back there.


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