More biophilia to feed my nature deficit disorder

Published on June 24, 2016 under bipolar

To me, nature is eye candy.  I look, observe, and capture as the light hits my retina in divine rapture.  Nothing is better than this ever moving dance, always there to be seen, if it means to be what its meant to mean.  It seems that everything is made of color and the more I pay attention to the colors of nature, the deeper I can see.  She whispers her secrets if I have the ears to hear what is there so clear beneath the noise of engines roaring and airplanes soaring.  I wouldn’t miss this for the world and this is the world, my world, as I aim the presence of my attention with intention toward what is all-knowing and ever growing…life itself. I am that life.  I see the light of colors and I am also that light.  How facinatingly intricately interwoven is the Earth and the cosmos.  It is all one movement and I am an extrusion that looks back on itself, forgetting that I’m still connected and an integral part of the whole thing.  We seem to delude ourselves that we can move separately from the entirety.  After a certain point, the elastic stretches to a critical point, and we snap back to return to where we came from, while in that brief and swift recoil, curiously observing the obvious to which we were oblivious.  Ecstacy.

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