The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive (Bipolar Disorder) – by Stephen Fry

Published on August 2, 2016 under bipolar

I just watched this documentary by Stephen Fry called “The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive”.  It’s quite good.  I don’t like how he constantly says “illness, illness, illness”.   I do like how he’s been able to avoid medication and that he wouldn’t change the fact that he has this bipolar “illness”.  That doesn’t sound like an illness.  The youtube videos are at the bottom of this page if you don’t want to read my rant.

Maybe people are just different?  Maybe to assume the conditioned, consitent ego is who we are, and when we change that somehow it’s an illness isn’t entirely correct.  To assume ones consciousnes is consistent and is supposed to be, when perhaps in bipolar, something snaps and there is an up and down wave as a result of the recoil of being so tense and conditioned to be something we are not.  Perhaps this can be brought back  into balance, not to recover our old selves, but catch up to the one we were meant to be we we were born.  We are less conditionable to fit in and perpetuate consensus reality.

Perhaps this is evolutionary, to ensure that we all don’t get conditioned into a homogenous goo of humanity, with no variation or complexity.  Complex systems move towards complexity and why should human consciousness be any different?  If we didn’t have this revolt in consciousness, we’d all be programmed 100% by the media by now, and have no new ideas or thoughts for ourselves.  This is almost true as it is.  One day we will help those who pathologies us to loosen their ties and come out and play in the forrest basking in the rays of the sun, taking delight in the patterns and colors on the leaves.  The survivial of the world depends on varients in consciousness from the cold, calculating, consensus norm.  Crazy has value in its complexity.  We see things outside the consensus box.  And perception is a creative act.  We create more of what we see.  There is a beautiful world, within, and we bring it out into the manifest.  One day, critical mass will allow that world to be manifest for all, in an embodied balanced way, and we won’t have to walk between worlds and feel so darn grumpy as a result of the bipolar hangover.  We should be disatisfied with this consensus prison.  Maybe if others were a little more perceptive of the beauty and feel more happy, our happiness wouldn’t seem so extreme by virtue of lessoning the contrast.  The consensus world is depressed so no wonder we feel depressed after crash landing from the world of wonder.  It is there, here, right now.  The only way to be there permanently is to create it for everyone to see.  How can we manifest that vision so other can see our world?  It is that other dimension so many of us talk about even though we’ve never discussed it together.  There is so much congruence with what we report yet they are seen as “special messages” and hallucinations.  Maybe they hallucinate us into this world, as we actually abide in the other.  We are here to help them.  We come back to help them see what we’ve seen yet we believe the story they tell us about what is wrong with us.  It’s all backwards.  For now I will play my part as mentally ill.  It’s a role I have to play in this world in order to exist in both.  It’s convincing.  Peace out!


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