To focus, or not to focus, on Psychosis

Published on August 12, 2016 under bipolar disorder

To focus, or not to focus, on psychosis?

That is the question.

I’ve been reading about and researching psychosis for the last 1.5 years, and I’ve been in psychosis 3 times!

The previous 3.5 years of having a Bipolar diagnosis, I only had one, my very first psychosis, at the beggining of the 3.5 years.

It seems by focussing on psychosis, I’ve been inviting it to happen.  By focussing on the problem of psychosis, I haven’t been solving it.  Studying a problem doesn’t solve the problem.

In the first 3.5 of my “recovery journey”, I just had fun, met lots of cool diagnosed people, hung out, helped out, laughed, made jokes, went for walks, made small talk, hung around the mental health clubhouse, got involved, enjoyed the simple things in life, didn’t take myself seriously.  Wait a minute.  Most of these things sound like elements of mental wellness.

I need to shift back into focussing on having fun, enjoying myself and all the ways I was able to build a full life.  Trying to solve psychosis doesn’t work.  Building in a full life does.

The trouble is, I no longer live in housing at the mental health clubhouse.  I am no longer fully immersed in that community of 100+ people.  I now work supporting people with mental health challenges.  Although, it’s ‘recovery’ focussed and not mental illness focussed, I still find it obnerving to work in the mental health system.  It is an illness system.  To pinhole people as mentally ill, to me, is just plain wrong.  The entire structure of society is mentally ill and the fact that any of us can hold it together and pull off an image of being sane is a miracle.  Mentally ill people create industries.  Think of all the people that are employed by mental illness.  Psychiatrists, mental health workers, doctors, pharmacists, hospital staff, psych nurses, social service workers, social workers, occupational therapists, recreational therapists…the list goes on.

The treadmill, the machine, is designed to produce mentally ill people.  Then the person need ‘care’ by professionals.  I think we need so many professionals because we don’t know our neighbours.  The machine of society wants us to be machine like.  The ones that are machine like are professionals.  They can be trained to help those who need help.  But why do the ones that need help, need help at all?  Because they failed to be turned into a professional machine.

What if we all met at the level of human beings?  What would we all do if we uplifted each other, brought out the best in each other, and moved towards common human happiness?

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