Celebrating Psychosis Part 2 – Thoughts on Transformation, Gifts, and Re-discovery

Published on August 20, 2016 under bipolar

Celebrate others.

I watched a TED Talk by Emily Levine and I had already watched it before.  I heard totally different stuff this time.  She talked about boundary crossing.  Emily was speaking in the context of how she talks about things she knows nothing about and how it’s important to interact with people that don’t share the same assumptions.  I often think of things that I know nothing about.  I supposed I could talk about them anyway.  I want to watch this talk again.  She mentions “Trickster” who’s context has recently come into my life.  She talked about being a go between and non oppositional strategies such as paradox.  She also said it’s important to hold ones ideas lightly in order to allow space to see new ones.  I feel this brain has many of these aspects.

What do we need as human beings, not as the mentally ill recovering back to the concept of sanity.  Sanity is just a concept.  To me it seems to be being okay with forgetting how to play.  The separation of work and play.  Those are concepts in duality because we are not living ourselves out as love.  When there is love, there is no concept of work and play.  Does celebration re-inform the quantum hologram?  It’s a new pattern.  How can I spend my time re-patterning the pattern of reality?

People diagnosed with a mental illness are often called ‘people with lived experience’.  I want to be a person with “loved” experience.  I want people to be able to step into loving their life and living their life not just sharing stories of their lived experience.  Or just living with their experience.  We need to reframe this and re-tell this as we are magnificent human beings.  Society isn’t designed for this magnificence.  The answer isn’t to redesign society according to a certain plan for as soon as a pencil hits the paper, the plan is already obsolete.  It’s too late.

How to we level up consensus reality to the beautific visions we sometimes get a glimpse of?  Why do we have to “recover” back to the reality that made us “sick” in the first place?  Many will follow in our footsteps.  It’s a mistake not to harvest and cultivate the gifts we are given.  What is your gift.  An aspect of what keeps us ill is not giving the gift we were given during transformational crisis.  It’s difficult to do when the whole process is misunderstood and misdirected.  We aren’t allow to rest, catch our breath, re-integrate, re-discover and re-create ourself with our new gifts, the ones we brought back for all.  We are told we are ill and to “recover” back to our old self or worse.  It’s often a metamorphosis are we are left not resembling the self we were before the transformation.  We can’t go back.  How can we help each other facilitate the good that comes from the destruction of ones former self?

Somethings I wrote in 2011:

“If you don’t have a heart you don’t have a leg to stand on but if you have a heart you don’t need legs as you grow wings.”

“Do what you can do everyday, each moment, where you are, because that’s all you can do in reality.”

“You can only find what you are looking for when you are not looking as you are looking for everything, not just one thing.  Everything is all there in in this moment.  Are you looking for some-thing, some-when, some-where outside of this moment?”

Back to now.  Hmmmm.  Stay inside the moment.  Is this eternity?  It seems like in 2011 I was writing messages to my future self.  That future self is now.  Can I get to a point where the past and future meet, and everything is effortless?  It feels like there is this effort to be effortless.  What is this effort?  Is it aligning the me with reality, so there is no tension or walls?  Who knows.

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