Bipolar Mania and Psychosis Inside Out 5 – Thinking Differently

Published on September 23, 2016 under bipolar disorder

On and on it goes weaving webs of words spun from the fabric of that other dimension we rarely mention as its inner unseenness means gleaning the meaning of the invisible and that which is not divisible or catagorizable.  Maybe the meaning is to make meaning by having dialogue about the meanings?  Will this create meaning in a world that is rapidly losing its meaning to mechanization?  These other states are non mechanized.  Something takes over.  Life and the meanings of it come into view.  Is this other state an attempt from life to change the direction of life?  As human life threatens the life on this planet, life takes us over and shows us its meanings as on a daily basis we are blind.  Blah blah sunny happy day!

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