Asking the Universe for help – I’m answered in a surprising and synchronistic way

Published on September 27, 2016 under consciousness

I’ve had experiences in nonordinary states of consciousness where synchronicity is everywhere and everywhen.  It’s as if my eyes are tuned to see it and every moment is infused with magic.  This can become overwhelming as it’s as if there is too much energy entering the human nervous system than it can handle.  Unfortunately, we are tuned for the mundane and the medocre.  I asked the Universe for help with an important desicion and I was surprised by the synchronistic answer I received.  I made a short video about it.  Perhaps those “powers” I felt I had in the state of mania can be called upon in times of need without overloading my everyday consciousness.  The Universe works in mysterious ways.  Or perhaps I should say “the Universe plays in mysterious ways”.  Not only does that make more sense, it also rhymes and sounds better.  Why do we assume the Universe works?  It’s more likely that it plays.  We as human beings learn by play, and perhaps so does the Universe.

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