Will Hall – 2 Videos about the Harm Reduction Approach to Coming Off Psych Meds

Published on October 6, 2016 under consciousness

I love everything Will Hall says in these 2 videos.  Right now I am on 600mg of Lithium which is the lowest amount of meds I’ve been on in years.

I like sharing these things to invite conversation, dialogue as well as thinking and looking about mental health differently.  I see it differently than the mainstream paradigm.  I feel so many of us do in our heart but we don’t have the context to feel safe having these conversations without feeling like we might alienate ourselves even more.  I feel times are changing and soon we will be able to talk about ourselves as we choose and share our experiences how we see it and not as we were convinced and drugged into acquiescing our gifts and harrowing tales.

I also like sharing on this blog as I like to imagine one day being reborn, having emotional distress and finding my own website from a past life with all the clues, without knowing it was me who created a place to find questions.  I say find questions as there are only questions and no answers.  And answer once found quickly becomes obsolete with the passage of time.



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