Flow versus Mania – similarities

Published on October 8, 2016 under brain health

The state of flow described in this video by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal has many similar characteristics and traits as “mania”. They talk about how “dopamine increases pattern recognition as if to say ‘yes you’re onto something, keep paying attention to more of this'”. From my experience, that’s exactly what my brain has said. They also mention that we “have access to solutions we don’t normally have in a normal waking state of consciousness and can let us connect dots that we wouldn’t normally otherwise see”. I also feel this speaks to some of my experience in altered states. Why this is important for me is that I feel this state is “trying” to get us to see patterns and make connections, to see the greater whole so that we might change our behaviours to better be in alignment with the laws of Gaia. Or, as Buckmister Fuller said, “we need spontaneous social behaviours that might change the course of humanity away from complete destruction” (or something like that). It’s not that helpful for the valued flow experience to be that of highly skilled athletes. The flow that happens to people in daily life is misdiagnosed as illness. Why do altheles get coaches and people who enter non ordinary states of consciousness get pills? Maybe us non steady state people need coaches to refine our flow so we can bring our hightened perceptions to help the world? Does anyone else see the potential in this?

Flow Genome Project – The Documentary from Flow Genome Project on Vimeo.

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