Capturing natural beauty – Thank Gaia!!

Published on October 15, 2016 under Beauty

Thank Gaia for being Gaia and including me as a subsumed version of her perfection with a slight perversion in bloom but will not effortlessly blossom as the infinite flowers of her awesome power, mystical, tic toc as time goes by, bees fly by, why oh why do the bees go bye-bye.  We are the bees, without them we’d be brought to our knees.  We think we are the bees knees because we think therefore we are.  We think therefore we are destroying all that Gaia makes with no hands and without thinking.  Our hands are an extension of our brains, we wipe our asses with trees as we gasp for air, pointing a finger at the sky while we pull out our hair. We do not see becuase we think, thus we think we know, and when we know, it blocks seeing.  Seeing is always new.  Thinking is old news.  Down with the prefrontal cortex, which is society.

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