Dear Gaia, does nature exist if we stop looking?

Published on October 17, 2016 under Beauty

Why take a picture of a dandelion?  Is it not just a weed?  I heard that weeds are medicines as they are strong and the weeds in the area are the medicines of the area.  We lack this knowledge hence the obsession with smoking “weed”.  And if a certain “pest” plant shows up in abundance, it’s there to help.  Perhaps to hold the ground in place through a season of abnormally high winds.  Nature has her reasons and we will never know.  Maybe if we ask and listen carefully, she will tell us.  Why can’t we shut up?  Why are we so enamoured by that voice in our heads?  It blocks us from hearing the real voice.  The voice that shares what is real.  Can we hear with our eyes?  Are we really looking?  We look through the screen of our thoughts and have the plethora and panerama of the beauty of Gaia, filtered out by a web of words, cleverly woven to ensure we loose touch with what we can reach out and touch.  We trade the non-reality of the mind, of words, for what is tangible.  If we can look without the commentary, we may learn a new language.  The language of perception, of actual seeing.  If we see Gaia wholly, she will tell us her secrets.  The seeing creates the understanding, one sees, and she whispers how it works.  This is real learning that never begins and never ends.

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