Gaia is great!!

Published on October 21, 2016 under Beauty

Flowers with many legs dance like Gaia’s marionettes, animated by the wind, giving a once in a lifetime performance, never to be seen again, as infinite complexity unfolds in ways that dwarf the most powerful computer.  A computer cannot create a flower, though, if this is a simulation, I take that back.  Either way, simulation is irrelevant and what is relevant is our reverance for all of life, for all creature.  The Universe moves towards complexity, yet we create ubiquity.  Will we one day exist on Earth with a few other creatures, flora and fauna, the ones deemed useful?  Even the most useless has a use not seen by the near sighted human mind.  Everything is interdependant on everything else.  Everything is implicit in everything else.  It’s all the same thing.  The only thing we have that all other creatures don’t is letters and numbers.  Letters and numbers become sounds that we use to conceptualize.  The concepts become more important that the actual things themselves and we are caught in conceptual lies.  Concepts lie.  Actualities don’t.  Beware of words.  Be aware of your words.  We have been programmed to believe these words.  Words are beliefs that believe themselves and that is the trap.  Words mostly refer to the past or future, both of which are equally unreal as the words that describe them.  Words are communication tools.  We mistake the tool for reality.  If we use the tool to talk in circles about the unreal past and future, we are building an enclosure around ourselves.  We build limits and are limited by our words.  We mistake words for the world.  Words point to the world.  We think the pointer is the point.  There is this immense world all around us and through us, not separate from us, it is us.  When we are mezmerized by words, we are like a cat that cant stop chasing a laser pen.  We are nature.  Worldcentricity.

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