“Coming out of the Spiritual Closet”

Published on October 27, 2016 under consciousness

Let’s get busy re-visioning mental health.  Are you #emergingproud ?

I’ve had the though for a few years that the next “coming out” will be coming out as GOD.  It seems that there is a campaign now to bring awareness to this.

Please support this campaigne if you have experienced non ordinary states of consciousness, the renewal process, extreme states of consciousness, spiritual emergence, spiritual emergency, enlightenment, extraordinary states of consciousness, flow, ecstasy, inspiration, creativity, madness, magic, mania, mystery, quantum entanglement, unexplainable experiences, synchronicity, unusual perceptual experience, etc.

This is part of reality creation.  To relanguage, reframe and revision our experiences towards that which we want to see unfold as reality.

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