Watch this 100 times and your brain will be salvaged

Published on November 2, 2016 under brain

Okay, at first glance, this might look pretty boring.  I admit, it’s not Jason Silva with all his brain expanding images.  But if you listen with that part of the brain where there is no judgement, it may arrange the parts of the brain that are stained with the scar tissue of judgements, measures and calculations cleverly and covertly inserted where the universe should be, by the process of growing up as seed in the soil of a soiled society.  I listen to this while I fall asleep, as well as others of his talks.  Krishnamurti restores the brain to it’s natural state by giving it no candy to cling on to and add to its collection of brain candy that dulls us by abstracting reality instead of exsisting as actuality.  If you can ever gone into or been taken over by manic consciousness, much of it is merging with the actual and being on with the cretive process of the universe while not abstracting about 100o yesterdays and 1000 possible tomorrows.  The absence of abstracting allows the other to be.  There is nothing to do but zoom out and see the abstracting and associating process for what it is; distraction and illusion.  Being here as a human being has nothing to do with doing but with seeing.  Seeing through a veil of images that interfere with the interference pattern of the universe by making inferences based on past recorded memories or having a clear mindscreen to interface with reality as it is actual.  Such is to be one with the unfolding process that is being processed through us.  Our mind-brains are trying to create this but we are entrained by our ego-me.  As a result we are human me-ings and not human beings.

Here is my playlist with other brain clearing videos by J. Krishnamurti and also Alan Watts:


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