There’s no such thing as “how to”

Published on November 4, 2016 under creativity

There’s no such thing as “how to”.  Don’t believe me?  That’s why there is such a thing as “how to” for you.  Because you don’t believe in your own innate power to learn.  You forget how you learned as a young child by just looking, taking an impression of the pattern, and extrapolating that to patterns previously explored.  Yes that’s right, explored.  Exploring was learning was the “how to” with having to ask “how to”.  As young children, we didn’t have the words “how to” in our vocabulary.  We figured it out ourselves.  And if we couldn’t we kept trying.  If an adult tried to show us “how to” do something, we closed our eyes, shook our head, dropped to our ass, waved our arms and started to scream.  We just had to figure it out for ourselves.  I believe this impulse ends not long after begining formal education.  The world as our playground turns into our ass glued to a plastic chair.  For those of us who are immune to this glue and manage to wiggle and fidget, we are labelled as “unable to focus”.  This is a bunch of hocus pocus.  We are not designed to sit in chairs all day.  It’s only normal to want to move and explore.  Attention on bullcrap is not focus.  Some of them are no so easily programmed and since they don’t fit into the program, they are intervened with.  So the “how to” get to a life without “how to” is to SEE from that place where we refused to ask because we had the clear perception and focus to figure out whatever we were exploring.  And when we figured something out, without being told, we had more energy to keeping going.  This perception-understanding-action arising together is like the spark of a combustion engine.  In this is self sufficiency.  For those who like “how to” here is a playlist of some great “how to”-ish videos.


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