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Published on May 11, 2017 under bipolar

Safety first!! That’s what our parents say before we cross the street. Or our boss says on the worksite. And I say SAFTEY FIRST when it comes to experimenting with being free from the fear of omnipolarity. What is omnipolarity? It’s a word I made up, or at least decided to associate with what is referred to as bipolar. For me, omnipolar more accurately describes the experience as it is much more and much richer than “up and down,” “good and bad,” “right and wrong,” and “yes and no”. All these dualities are what the ego/judge ascribes to the states based on societal values and conditioning and has no relevance whatsoever to that energy. That energy is mutlidirectional, nondirectional, superpositional, possible, unfolding, metamorphosing…. You get the idea. If we drop the duality of self reflexively judging that energy that has nothing to do with the little ego and its preferences, we have wonder, curiosity and the fluxing and co-creating of a mystery that can never be solved but surfed. And surfing is much more fun as there is always another wave. We can’t solve our brain which is the biggest mystery in the universe. What does this have to do with safety? Nothing. I will introduce new vocabulary that I have created through playing with meaning and creating meaning for myself, which can only happen when I discard the hypnotic meaninglessnessnessness of the language of pathology. Maybe there is room for pathology. If a hyphen is added. “Path-ology” becomes “the study of the path” just as “biology” is the study of living things. I like making word translations and turning harmful memes into helpful ones. In that way, the same word, the same sound, now has different meaning in a new context and thus is neutralized and energizing. Try it for yourself. Try to turn a harmful word into a helpful one, according to however the f*^@ you want. It’s kind of fun. And, you use your brain to make language instead of harmful words having sex in your head and causing a cascade of toxic molecules in your body. Anyways, on to safety.

Safety is super important. It’s the number 1 thing. Safety isn’t a thing. So it’s the number 1 factor, or preceptor. Preceptor meaning, with everything you see and do, it’s important to see through the lens of safety to some degree. For example, if I am going to see a friend across the street, I have different safety considerations than if I am going to fly around the world. Sometimes I fly out of my body and into the body of a homeless person. This is called “dissociation.” For some reason I always put the damn period outside the damn closing quotation mark. Dissociation could also be called “taking a short vacation from myself to experience what it’s like to have no home and be freezing cold and hoping and praying someone will have compassion because I literally can’t move.” If only it were easy to stay in my own ego-prison and not go on an empathy increasing exploration. How can one not do something about these problems after feeling it for oneself? Yesterday I saved a mouse from a glue trap but somehow I don’t think that’s good enough. The reason I mentioned dissociation is because it is a large consideration for my particular safety plan. Understanding how you in particular disconnect from the matrix is important.

In knowing that I either dissociate or feel a shock of terror enough to end ones own life, and I have less than a minute to intervene, before there is no one left there to intervene, is what has inspired my safety plan. I need to be able to keep my body safe when things get too weird. And I’m talking weird. This shit could inspire some crazy movies if the aliens would let me talk about it. Next time I will talk about my plans NOT to kill myself.

In the meantime, let’s stay alive and attempt to thrive.

Rescue mouse

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