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If you’d like to read anything “positive” about having a brain that launches into hyper-creativity without conscious will and of it’s own volition, you may have to look elsewhere than the literature that would choose to pathologies us as a Neurotribe. What I mean is, we’ve probably been called manic, psychotic, bipolar, mentally ill etc. These terms come from onlookers with expensive educations trained to view us in those ways. We are then told to live in constant fear of our defective brains and plan for a life of self-management at best. I find it fascinating to read up on interesting aspects of the brain like “the placebo effect”, “flow states of consciousness” and “altered states” that are talked about in ravingly positive ways and extrapolate what they are saying to some of the capacities of my brain that I’ve experienced for myself first hand. For example, talking about neuroplasticity is very trendy right now, except for when it comes to brains afflicted by so-called “mental illness”. Somehow, our brains are just permanently defective and doomed to get worse overtime. Perhaps this is only true if we buy into these debilitating sound bytes. If you read about “flow” and “altered states” achieved volitionally or consciously by psychedelics or meditation, one might extrapolate that our brains are doing the same thing, but without conscious will, without taking some kind of exogenous substance but making it endogenously. Without doing some kind of external action like meditation to get to that state, but it happening by the grace of the universe. It is a no self state that no action of a self can get at the way the no self action of the actuality of life can create. Whatever we think we can do, the universe can do better. So, it’s extremely valuable to learn about the capacities of ones brain space ship, and not just divert all ones energy into management strategies. When we start to look into it, we realize that the selfless, rich, timeless, effortless state that people are trying to get at through time, effort, drudgery, and actions of the ego self, we are imbued with without trying, in an instant. Is there a bridge that might be build between the neurotribe of the ones who make effort to get to altered states and the ones who don’t? And why are those who have non ordinary states without effort labelled mental ill and permanently defective while the solid egos try so hard to move beyond in order to get a glimpse of “flow” and get to call themselves “neuroplastic”? To me, this doesn’t make sense. So what is there to do? Master ones “overflow”, which is often termed “mania”. Master ones creativity. For we are that energy of creativity and not the harness of it, which is the ego.

Here are a few things that I found today. Can you see your own brain in any of this? I don’t share these things to endorse psychedelics or anything in particular. We don’t need them as our endogenous psychedelics are active. Just pointing out the capacities of the brain and that we don’t need to take anything to get at it. Unfortunately we are given tranquilizers to numb it out. This could be a necessary temporary measure but it isn’t a good long term solution, unless you want you life to be over 25 years prematurely. Let’s start learning about our brains capacities instead of fearing them, as we’ve been brainwashed into doing.

Of course there are some downfalls in this creative energy that we are gifted with, but I’ll get into that later.

Here are some tidbits from this morning:
I want to comment on them but I will save that for later.

Listen to this with headphones:

A youtube video by the channel “Big Think”:

If you want to read all about your brain, this book is amazing (I don’t like the first chapter glorifying navy SEALs but after that it’s amazing!!)

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