February 19, 2017 – Energy

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February 19, 2017

The energy of this place is impossible to miss. I feel paralyzed by the energy of life. It’s like I’ve been stabbed with an knife and I merge with this place as I die into it. Like being pierced by love, though love is not sharp, it cuts away the linearity and life becomes impossible to delineate. I looked up spontaneously and saw stars. I listen receptively and hear nothing. I wake up listening and a bird song I’ve never heard reverberates consciousness. There is a joy and ecstacy.

Today I bought fresh dates from the farmers market. At home, I wondered how I would keep up with the insights that I write down. Here I’m not sure either. I’m not sure how to capture this. What is there to capture and who is doing the capturing? How does one capture rapture? Something is unfolding without shaping and moulding.  

There was a man at the Farmer’s Market giving free hugs. We found out he’s being doing this weekly for 8 years. He said it was sort of an experiment and he’s learned so much about people. He said that “in the right environment, people are beautiful”. This sounded profound as the sounds rolled from his being painting his point for our seeing. There were musicians sharing their talents. At trio of three youngster with skills ahead of their years. A digeredoo player and a man who played the piano with the ease of drinking a glass of water.

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