February 20, 2017 – 6 months

Published on August 14, 2017 under Beauty

Immersed in beauty.  How do I share this of which I already can feel and touch?  The nothingness of silence.

Helping when called for in the moment and fixing wifi.  

Stopped in my tracks to hear a honey bee buzz between several purple flowers, juxtaposed with the sound of stillness.  Sound so crisp and beautiful as it pierces the emptiness.  Rabbits and oversized squirrels scurry.

I left my shoes outside the building and watch as a fly rests himself down on the left side of the right shoe.  I am made aware of how this act of leaving them outside has rearranged the flys reality by virtue of giving him this temporary respite.  We are forever linked.

Singing in an empty hexagon shaped building. There is a place to sing.  Reading some history and quotes of life’s mysteries.  Then reading about a sudden loss.  Another one loses their 25 years.  A friend and strong voice will be missed.

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