February 25th, 2017

Published on August 25, 2017 under Beauty

A flower doesn’t do anything but in flowering, everything is done.  It naturally takes in the conditions that surround it, as it is not separate from them.  The soil becomes the flower and it takes only what is necessary.  In taking, it gives off the purfume that attracts bees to facilitate the creation of more flowers, that, as they take root, celebrate the soil as they penetrate it.  The roots help hold the soil in place as a living organism instead of dust particles in the wind.  What is it that our human hands hold together?  Do they reach into time-space and aerate the soil of love or do they soil and spoil the earth and create dust as trees are sawed down and roots no longer hold the soil together.  Do our hand strike us apart or or reach out in a warm embrace?  How does this change the energy of order of time-space?  A simple gesutre of warmth and caring reorganizes the whole.  Does it change the energy of the totality?  Of the living soil that nurtures and bathes humanity.

Last night I sat reading in the quiet room and after 10 minutes, again I heard the strange ringing in my ears.  The conditions of silence seem to give permission for the the accumulated noise to leave this consciousness.

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