The Perception Bridge: Building a Better Reality

Published on August 31, 2017 under altered states

Yesterday I got an email from the Pachamama Alliance informing me that, on September 13th, there is a conference call with Co-founder John Perkins. The title of the call “Building a Better Reality” caught my attention.

Sometimes when I’m in non volitional alter states of consciousness, I connect with this feeling of responsibility. I feel like I MUST do something to contribute to the world. The first time I experienced this 6 years ago, it was so strong that it took over my whole life. It manifested as “I’m going to save the world”. I even felt like I was a female version of Jesus. Now, I realize that is not true, but that felt sense of the impulse to participate in world change has always been there, even though I was diagnosed with a serious mental illness, a supposed personal problem that could consume much of the rest of my life trying to manage. Fortunately, my life trajectory steers further and further from tragedy and I can watch out for situations and events to fulfill the natural urge to help out and give what I have to give.

So, I clicked on the link and signed up. I’m not sure what the 75 minute call will be about, but I feel called to participate. Though the stories my mind once created resulting from the extreme urge to DO SOMETHING have dissipated over time, the original impulse is still there, whispering silently to me. Opportunities to participate in change are salient to me and my perception picks them out of the noise and bombardment of too much information.

I then realized the title of the conference call is actually “The Perception Bridge: Building a Better Reality”. I love the word perception and I think a lot about it. I recently watched a Youtube video on perception by a neuroscientist Beau Lotto. It struck me as extrapolating congruently to how I’ve experienced my own brain “creating perception”. I will include the link at the end.

The best part about singing up for this conference call so far is that they sent a freebee with the confirmation email. It’s a short document called “Dreamshifting 101”. It is a beautiful and eloquent invitation to think differently about our minds potential. As a person labelled with a mental illness, I love reading people describing life in this way, as I feel that I have lived in these states, FOR REAL. Different perspectives unfold a different life and different daily living. The energy of the universe can cause this shift as much as we can with our volitional activities eg. Yoga. I would sign up for the call just to read Dreamshifting 101.

Here are a few favourite snippets:

“The moment we’ve now entered is a magical one. It’s a time of changing consciousness and a time when we are called on to take appropriate actions to also make it sustainable, just, peaceful, spiritually fulfilling world that’s thriving for all living creatures”.

“My favourite short definition of a shaman: a man or a woman who journeys to other worlds in order to obtain power, energy and wisdom to create change in this world”.

I have felt exactly that in altered states. It felt like a powerful state of consciousness, full of the energy and wisdom needed to change the world. And it’s not about the personal ecstasy in heightened states of consciousness, but what wisdom can be brought to inform ones daily life going forward.

Unfortunately, many of us get lost in being labelled with and illness after experiencing transformative energy. In my life, that altruistic urge has never gone away. I’m not Jesus, though I can take action to help others in daily life. Right now I’m really looking forward to donating blood in the next couple weeks.

Here is the link to sign up:

Maybe we’ll be linked through the quantum hologram if we are both listening and participating at the same time.

Thank you Pachamama Alliance for Dreamshifting 101, and inviting us into the mystery and magic in a succinct linear way. Linear is challenging for me.

Here is the Youtube video by Beau Lotto about “Creating Perception”. I challenge you to listen for your own context and hear that he’s talking about our brains too. Brains that have been labelled “less than”. I don’t believe that for a second. Our brain loves when we start to wonder about it again, instead of fear it.

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