Jason Silva is talking about you too

Published on September 2, 2017 under altered states

When I listen to Jason Silva in his video “All Realities are Virtual” my brain extrapolates what he says to my own brain and how I’ve had some crazy extraordinary states of consciousness that unfolded unbelievably awe inspiring events.  These we’re real.  Yet, I was told that I have a defective mentally ill brain.  I’m sure glad I never took that story to heart.  Even, if you do believe that story, can you hear other possibilities in his words?  Can you hear him talking about things your brain was doing and may do again in the future?  Can we read between the lines?

It’s okay if you can’t.  The magic is everywhere and everywhen.  Maybe now, you’ll catch a glimpse and realize that our brains are fantastically neuroplastic playing with other ways of seeing and being beyond a life of “me, me, me-ing”.  Can we transform what is thought to be insanity?  All the great things being said in neuroscience about the power of the human brain apply to those of us who have been labelled with a serious and persistent mental illness too.  It takes serious persistence in the inquiry of the potential of our brain to trance-end.  Our brains love attention.

The brain loves when we wonder about the very thing that allows us to wonder.  It’s a positive feedback loop.  When we wonder about our brain, instead of fearing it, it reveals it’s subtle secrets.  Remember to forget everything you think you know about you and buckle your seat belt.

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