March 6, 2017

Published on September 6, 2017 under Beauty

When we hear a sound on the outside, we look around to determine what it is. When we have old sounds of thoughts, we think we have already figured it out. These sounds prevent listening with our eyes and ears, our whole being, in the present. The current light, is a current of learning delight. Can we stream learning instead of streaming thought? Thought is dead streaming, superimposing the old over the new and limiting it to our level of comfort or discomfort.The mind sees through the brain.

Don’t agree with me, see with me.

Love as a holomovement.


Do we need skills psychologically? And if so why?

Does this not imply a centre around which skills can be organized?

Don’t skills psychologically imply time?

Psychologically inwardly, what’s the need to be a specialist?

Does practicality have a place in relationship?

Do we talk as egos and then split or dialogue and gain momentum of that living movement. That living movement wants to talk about itself, instead of speaking in division.

These words have levels of meaning. It’s not the words but being able to see and make meaning.

If I can see what is, what is changes, because I can see. Thus the seeing is important and not the what is.

The body as a polygraph omnigraph.  The projected holograph abstractionscan interefere with this sensitivity.

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